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Love the food ordering is very easy to do

Kerry, 18 Jun 2021

Always very helpful

Mark, 18 Jun 2021

Are you coming? I just order some things around 11 30 just finish to work now just want to be sure that you still do order came through and have been paid

Lorenzo , 17 Jun 2021

The best

Laisvidas, 14 Jun 2021

Quick delivery and fab food, thanks guys

Ellen, 13 Jun 2021


Awful awful customer service. Will never order again!

Zanib, 12 Jun 2021

Best kebabs in Stamford!

Richard, 11 Jun 2021

How do I use my points?

Kelly, 11 Jun 2021

Perfect place man. Dominated kebab house in like 2 easy steps. Best place in Stamford

Owen, 10 Jun 2021

Always a very good service

Mark, 10 Jun 2021

Easy on line and payment

Jayne, 09 Jun 2021

Thanks again!

Laurence, 07 Jun 2021

Properly disgusting. Ordered a Lanb Shish amongst other dishes and not one pice of lamb was edible. Ive ordered the same wrap for nearly 20 years - when i tang to complain you just said “no one else has complained”. Well no one else ate the rubbish you served me. Wowefull customer service, proper inedible food.

Paul, 04 Jun 2021

Can josh Thomas deliver I’m allergic to anyone else

Ryan, 01 Jun 2021


Gave the wrong icecream flavours & drink :(

Eden, 30 May 2021

Scrumptious food

Lyn, 30 May 2021

I have twice Had the mixed grill when visiting a friend on both occasions there was no chicken shish in the container so that's it for me once a mistake but twice it's a rip off .

Peter Hunt, 29 May 2021

love it

Jordan, 28 May 2021

Thank you

Helen, 28 May 2021

The best wrapsss best meat everything freshly made

Xhoana, 25 May 2021

Great service

Krzysztof, 22 May 2021

It states 20% discount but we only get 10%? What is the code for this.

Rachel, 22 May 2021


Jjosh, 22 May 2021

Delicious Amazing Food.

Lyn, 21 May 2021

Great service as always however my extra pineapple was not added to my pizza last time

Kelly, 21 May 2021

Life changing food with handsome workers.

Kristian, 20 May 2021